"All successful entrepreneurs are lucky- but they all create the opportunities for them to become lucky." - Rob Neuner from Boost Oxygen

Business Pitch Competitions:

Blue Ocean Competition

  • In this pitch competition, student teams submit videos of 3-5 minutes in length with their product that is meant to help the planet. This is the only thing applicants must submit and monetary prizes are given out to students that place.

Diamond Challenge

  • This is a well known pitch competition run by Delaware University. The first round is a written round and the finals are a live pitch at the University of Delaware. This competition offers large and numerous monetary prizes to those that place.

Nebula Challenge

  • This international pitch competition has three phases, stage 1: the written stage, stage 2: the pitch deck phase, and stage 3: the live summit phase in the San Francisco area. At the summit participants receive one on one mentorship with world renowned entrepreneurs and compete for monetary prizes.

Norm Brodsky Business Competiiton

  • This is a business pitch competition based out of Rider University in New Jersey. The first two rounds are short written proposals for your business and the third round is a 5 minute live pitch at the University. The Sophomore/Junior division has several monetary prizes and the Senior division has monetary prizes as well as a full scholarship to the overall winner of the competition.

Pirates Pitch Competition

  • This is a business pitch competition based out of Seton Hall University in New Jersey. There is a written portion and then a live round for the finals. The prizes are mainly monetary.

Spark Teen Accelerator Challenge

  • This is a nationwide pitch competition where high school students submit a 5 minute video pitch for the first round. There is then a written round and the finals are through Zoom in a “fireside chat” with an experienced entrepreneur. This competition has a large first place prize at $6,000  and several smaller prizes available for subsequent placements. The first and second place finishers also gain access to the Spark Teen business accelerator to help make their idea a reality.

Economics Competitions:

High School Fed Challenge

  • This is a competition available to all high school students in the New York City tri-state area. Each team makes a slide show and presentation on the state of the economy and their recommendations on the Federal Reserve's Monetary Policies. There are three rounds, all of which are held at the New York Federal Reserve where students present to seasoned economists. There are two divisions for this competition, one for high schoolers who have taken an economics course and one for high schoolers who have not taken an economics course. This competition is also available at several other Federal Reserves (just do a quick Google search).

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