"Focus and find something you're really passionate about and do it well" - David Heath from Bombas

How I built this with Guy Raz: NPR

  • A simple show where Guy Raz explores the founding of some of the world’s best known companies. Every episode is around 1 hour long and features an interview with founders like Curt Richardson (OtterBox), Ron Shaich (Panera Bread), and Chip Wilson (Lululemon Athletica).


Planet Money: NPR

  • A show where economists delve into current events going on in the United States economy. It is produced where any average person can understand the economic topics being discussed. Episodes are around 25 minutes long and feature topics such as the negative pirce on oil, the monetary value of a human life, and how much free doughnuts actually cost.


StartUp: Gimlet Media

  • A show where the founders of Gimlet Media take you through their steps of creating a podcast company that to this date has produced over 35 different shows and thousands of episodes. Episodes are around 50 minutes long and the founders take you through their journey of coming up with an idea, finding a partner, and exiting the business.


The Indicator from Planet Money: NPR

  • From the same people who make Planet Money, The Indicator provides an analysis from experts on the economy. It is a daily show with episodes around 10 minutes in length that analyzes economic current events occuriring around the world through interviews with people actually living through them.

The Pitch: Gimlet Media

  • A podcast where people with businesses go out and pitch venture capitalists. This show provides a valuable learning opportunity for anyone who dreams of one day pitching directly to venture capitalists. In 30 minute episodes, this show has large investors listen to founders from companies like a foreign coffee brewery, uber for pets, and a dog dating website.

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