David Heath, Bombas: CEO and Co-Founder

Bombas has quickly become an industry leader in the sock market by making a more comfortable sock and by donating a pair of socks for every pair purchased. After partnering with Daymond John on Shark Tank, the company is now making over $100 million a year in revenue and has donated almost 40 million socks to this date. Before his time at Bombas, David Heath attended Babson College in Massachusetts and founded 3 different companies. Being a true serial entrepreneur and a good person at heart, David Heath is a great person to take advice from.

What are one or two books that have most greatly influenced your life?

The 5 Minute Daily Journal and Rework by Jason Fried.

What is some advice you can give to an aspiring high school entrepreneur?

Focus and find something you’re really passionate about and do it well. . . It’s a lesson we continue to learn. Especially when starting out, it’s easy to get distracted and excited about all of the opportunities ahead. But instead of trying to do too much at once, we’ve found a ton of success in focusing on doing a few things really well to set a solid foundation and grow from there.

At what point did you know entrepreneurship was for you? How did you decide this is what you were going to do with your life regardless of the risk?

Having come from an entrepreneurial family, I’ve always had a strong desire to create something from the ground up. I studied entrepreneurship at Babson College, and prior to launching Bombas, founded three companies. I feel very fortunate to have such incredible people and support in those earlier days that provided invaluable insight and knowledge -- the good and the bad -- about becoming an entrepreneur.

What was your first business idea and what did you do with it?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and driven by the idea of building something from the ground up. After college, I was always thinking up new business ideas and prior to Bombas, I also founded a speciality foods company with my dad and brother, which we later sold. Today, I continue to advise other founders in earlier stages of their businesses and provide as much support and insight to other entrepreneurs as possible.

Key Takeaways:

• Focus on doing a few things really well (do not spread yourself too thin!)

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